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South Elgin FUNdation

South Elgin FUNdationSouth Elgin FUNdationSouth Elgin FUNdation

Dedicated to improving the quality of life of our residents and our visitors

Mission Statement

The South Elgin Parks & Recreation FUNdation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the residents of the Village of South Elgin through the development, implementation and funding of recreation, education and conservation programs, services and facilities.

Who Are We?

We are a Charity

Since 2003, the FUNdation has provided private financial support to the Parks & Recreation Department, thanks to numerous donations from generous individuals, families and businesses, the vast majority of whom are South Elgin residents.

We are Volunteers

The South Elgin FUNdation is a private, not-for profit 501(c)(3), tax exempt organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Together we work to coordinate both fundraising events, and also to coordinate and recruit volunteers to help with local events that serve the entire South Elgin community

We are You!

Each board member, the vast majority of volunteers that support us with their work, as well as those individuals and businesses that help us with their check books are South Elgin residents and businesses. We are focused solely on helping South Elgin. We work local to help locally!

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What We Do


Youth Scholarship

The South Elgin FUNdation helps to fund the South Elgin Parks and Recreation District's Youth Scholarship program. This scholarship helps support local residents in need to participate in events that they may not otherwise be able. For more information on this program, please call the Parks and Recreation department at 847-622-0003.


Host and Help With Events

From supporting the Parks and Recreation Department's annual Pumpkin Patch with volunteers, to hosting events like the Harlem Wizards basketball game, to running the annual BBQ dinner, the FUNdation helps and organizes over a dozen events, big and small, each year.


I AM Able and SEBA Park

Our main focus currently is our support of the South Elgin Parks and Recreation Department's efforts to implement Phase 2 of the SEBA park improvement. This multi-organizational effort seeks to cmoplete the vision begun with the completion of Phase 1 of the SEBA park improements, the I AM Able Playground. We are currently raising funds for this project and would welcome your help.

How You Can Help

Want to get involved?

The members of the South Elgin FUNdation love what they do, but they can't do it alone! We welcome any and all offers of help. Have a group looking for volunteer opportunities? Great! Let us know who you are and how many of you can help! Want to get involved in some other way? Excellent! Let us know what you want to do! We are never too proud to accept any help from anyone. We simply say Thank You! 

South Elgin FUNdation

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